Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"I am going to err on the side of caution and not do a darn thing until I get some answers"

Dallas Zoo gorillas still locked down.

And, Rowland must go.

"illegal trade and smuggling of protected animals is widespread in Indonesia"

ProFauna Jakarta calls for increased penalties for animal smugglers.

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"PETA has protested at Columbia alumni events across North America"

PETA press release about planned disturbance of peace, vandalism at Columbia University alumni event in Kansas City.

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(Gorilla gorilla gorilla)

Western lowland gorillas not only hierarchical but dynastic.

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"Currently active projects are relevant to the common cold and the flu"

Doctor at at the School of Medicine of the University of California, San Diego seeks answers to human origins in sugary science.

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"roadblocks in the path of crazy science"

Presidential panel warns of dangers of Chinese imports of cheap shoddily-made humanzees.

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"n the wake of a severe beating administered to the ruling Union for Popular Movement in weekend regional elections"

Surrender-monkeys attempt the old switcheroo.

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"the suspect saw something in an avocado tree and fired at it"

South African man says he mistook the man he killed for an avocado-stealing monkey.

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"Gorillas hate being bothered"

Dallas Zoo tells their side of the story: blame the cops.

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"knee socks, bunt pants, Alpine shoes and suspenders"

North Carolina's bureaucrat turned busker, John Lowery: organ grinder, monkey employer.

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"Karp is clearly the Jane Goodall of toddlers"

Apparently it takes an ape, or a series thereof, to raise a child.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Friday, March 26, 2004

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Voice of America reports on Birute Mary Galdikas, friend to the orangutans of Borneo.

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"the animals will be taught how to survive in the wild"

Indonesian Navy officer busted with orangutan, other protected animals.

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"and of course he’s got a little monkey in him anyway"

PRES. NIXON: (From tape.) I think Rumsfeld may be not too long in this world.

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"a candlelight vigil for Jabari"

Opportunistic anti-human activists, sluggish and dull due to a lack of dietary meat, finally get around to trying to cash in on Dallas Zoo gorilla rampage.

Update: "About 50" nutritionally-deprived individuals showed up.

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"monkeys here in East Timor is like a stupid or nutty and it's a very pejorative character"

International Republican Institute supplies East Timor schools with cute kiddy book about democracy. East Timorese pols object to being caricatured as monkeys. IRI now hard at work on cute memo about cultural sensitivity, cute book about getting a sense of humor.

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"no specific time frame is set for the visit"

That bastion of government efficiency, the USDA, goes to Dallas.

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"Some council members say the liability issue is a potential deal-breaker"

Honolulu City Council stalls for time, hopes it'll all blow over.

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"this is not an accident"

Even before there were people, monkeys got drunk on rotten fruit, says California physiologist.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

"the man told zoo officials that he warned the teens not to taunt the gorilla"

Dallas Zoo says 2 teens taunted gorilla before attack.

911 Operator: "Are you serious?"

I've run out of even moderately fresh links, but still, Rowland must go.

What's brown and sounds like a bell?

BBC presents a guide to determining a gorilla's age, by examining its dung.

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Zoo Atlanta will host "Hail Caesar!" day

Now that the Ides have both come and gone, Zoo Atlanta's ready to introduce Caesar to the public.

And, Rowland must go.

"baseball is virtually unknown among China's 1.3 billion people"

Monkey King to throw out first pitch at new Chinese baseball league.

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Monday, March 22, 2004

"Redmond spent much of his time in Rwanda studying gorilla parasites"

Ian Redmond talks about great apes.

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Be a shame if a gorilla mauled your auntie, eh?

Kansas City Zoo wants more money from taxpayer's pockets, mentions the gorilla security door looking a bit rusty!

And, Rowland must go.

"Dispersed Male Networks in Western Gorillas"

Gorillas get on better with relatives than others.

And, Rowland must go.

"They get very angry if women try to scare them off"

Bangladesh town overrun by langours.

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"Dallas Zoo visitors stopped at an empty gorilla habitat Saturday"

Dallas Zoo reopens Wilds of Africa exhibit, gorillas remain in lockdown.

Update: Victim recovering at home.

And, Rowland must go.

"television reporters using the word beast"

We should consider the root causes of gorilla attack, and ask ourselves "why do gorillas hate us?" according to meat-hating Texas prof. "I am convinced that we are still only seconds away from putting lions and tigers into a coliseum-like setting and pitting them against humans in the style of ancient Rome."

And, Rowland must go.

"also pay attention to the production of handicrafts"

Let's strive for increased seeing of endangered monkeys in Dac Lac province.

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Thursday, March 18, 2004

"a little-known retrovirus"

Scientists fear that simian foamy virus could become danger to humans.

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"The gorilla never left the zoo grounds"

Jabari, 13-year-old male western lowland gorilla shot and killed by police after escaping cage enclosure and attacking people at Dallas Zoo. Jake L. Hamon gorilla conservation research center at Dallas Zoo.

More details.

"We are demanding"

Well, virtually.

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"She is a self-confessed environmentalist and possesses a certificate in cookery"

Ugandan mushroom farmer conserves Rwandan gorillas, it says, though it doesn't say how. Also, huh-huh, huh-huh, they said "NAADS."

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"It took me awhile to segue from humans to orangutans"

Sonogram scans for pregnant animals at Toledo Zoo.

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Sunday, March 14, 2004


No progress in catching Sao Paolo Zoo poisoner. See Bigwig's February post.

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"I haven't seen anything like this," Ted Jr. said

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo to name new gorilla complex for Theodore Hubbard, late of that state.

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

"they're the prettiest of the porcines"

New boss at San Francisco Zoo already making enemies, friends.

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"a £1,000 squirrel monkey called Joe"

Monkey-napping at UK's Shaldon Wildlife Trust.

And, Rowland must go.

"One animal-rights organization calls Harlow insane"

Deborah Blum's Love at Goon Park, about Harry Harlow's parent-child psychology experiments, is mentioned.

And, Rowland must go.

"he is a joy to kids on this island"

Honolulu City Council fears orangutan rampage.

And, Rowland must go. Governor's shyster invokes 'McCarthy hearings.'

Friday, March 12, 2004

"I think everybody calls me the monkey lady"

Monkey visited by former owner in this item from Thursday now has new home in Oklahoma.

And, Rowland must go.

"Because that's the way they've always done it..."

Conditioned behavior in apes as a business parable, from the Economic Times of India.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

"I don’t think we’re under any threat"

Scottish Primate Research Group at St Andrews University comes this close to demanding vote for our cousin, the chimpanzee. Queen of the Chimps is name-checked.

And, Rowland must go.

"the size of a large cat and different shades of grey"

Marmoset-napping reported in UK.

And, Rowland must go.

at Edinburgh Zoo

St Andrews University to implement virtual field trip to see virtual chimpanzees.

And, Rowland must go.

"drunk and inside a cage with a monkey"

Mississippi woman decides to pay a visit to her pet monkey, at the Animal Rescue League. Alcohol is involved.

And, Rowland must go.

"Amy is a biologist and Bill is a social scientist"

Conservation couple to give presentation at Cornell Friday about ecotourism in Rwanda.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"Experiments have shown that the technique works on other animals, such as rabbits and laboratory rodents"

Boomer Deathwatch take note: research in monkeys shows menopause may be reversible.

Update: Maybe without forethought and messy transplants.

And, Rowland must go.
New York monkey boy offers to leave town if it'll get him back his menagerie. MonkeyWatch free advice: keep an eye on who's moving in next door.

And, Rowland must go.

"M-V-A injections protected the animals against a lethal dose of vaccinia virus"

Monkey tests look set to yield safer smallpox vaccine.

And, Rowland must go.

"She is absolutely fine except for the black soot on the fore and hind limbs and excessive stress"

Slender Loris goes for unauthorized joyride in Bangalore.

And, Rowland must go.

"There’s no better pet for a monkey than another monkey"

North Carolina guy with too many animals now proprietor of New River Zoo.

And, Rowland must go.

"potentially dangerous"

Moochie the monkey, still in state custody, dies of unspecified causes.

And, Rowland must go.

"Critical Analysis of Evolution - Grade 10"

OH pushes ID.

And, Rowland must go.

"caught returning from Africa with a string of skulls from protected animals"

Monkey skull smuggler pleads guilty.

And, Rowland must go.

"we're very excited to now have a healthy male newborn"

Male baby Sumatran orangutan born at San Diego Zoo, sometimes seen on their apecam. Name the baby contest on AOL.

And, Rowland must go.

"They all look really depressed"

UK wildlife photographer has new book of Japanese macaques sitting in hot springs.

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"In 2004 The Center for Great Apes strives to double its membership"

Four women team together to issue press release, save chimpanzees and orangutans.

And, Rowland must go.

"neighbors had complained of the smell of monkey urine"

NYC police find apartment full of monkeys, other animals.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

"the stakes are high as a mystery illness plagues the community"

Queen of the Chimps to harangue crowd after display of latest agitprop.

Update: more.

And, Rowland must go.

I thought you were going to do that

It's sad when nobody remembers.

And, Rowland must go.

Scarred for life

Sacramento invites anti-tobacco activist to scare the hell out of middle schoolers with human, monkey brains. "His delivery is devoid of browbeating," except for the part where he "shook solution from the dripping brain of a cadaver," I guess.

And, Rowland must go.

"all you end up with usually is a pile of slushy goo"

Mad scientist in Wales begins building vast army of cybernetic apes.

And, Rowland must go.