Friday, September 16, 2011

Looking, not so much seeing

One of the things that the stroke took was my pleasure in reading. I
used to never be without a book on the train, one of the major
benefits of commuting by rail: no need to keep an eye on the road.

It's more difficult now: I'm less able to maintain concentration
across a full line of text (which always was difficult due to my weak
close vision in the right eye). Martina's sensible suggestion of
looking into correction, which I sort of dismissed earlier (I very
clearly remember the sick headaches from poorly cleaned glasses in my
childhood and abhor the 'thing in my eye' aspect of contact lenses,
regardless of construction), is looking more and more sensible as I
consider it. One thing at a time, bariatric surgery thing first, see
about glasses or worse second. (The other way around I'd be first
treated to a better view of what I don't really want to contemplate.)

I've run a Kindle emulator on my desktop system at home, and a real
one is an intriguing idea, but I'm no more a fan of current major
releases in the literary world than in the cinematic one. I'll be
needing to walk a lot in the coming months/years and doing that with
eyes fixed on a screen isn't a healthy option. Earbuds jammed in
place is probably second-rate too, but that's more likely that reading
while walking.


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