Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"a six-day rampage"

Malaysia's long night of macaque terror ends.

1,000 scientists can't be wrong

Less food for you is no burden on them.

"the beginnings of the evolutionary history of humans"

Early anthropoids originated in Asia, says new study.

"pupils got a rude shock when monkeys caned some of their colleagues"

Animals exit Kenya's Maasai Mara Game Reserve, rampage.

"They act like a human being"

Iowa grade-school group visits Great Ape Trust orangutans.

Bloggers take note

The LLama Butchers want your links. For a good cause.

"a trusted pair of hands"

'Dominique de Villepin (who is a man)' jokes back in style!

Update: First sighting!

"He was such a wee dote"

Northern Ireland monkey still on the loose.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

"our story was unbalanced"

Readers' Editor at UK's The Observer says they unfairly criticized animal rights thugs.

"a loud machine gun fire sound"

Student at India's National Defence Academy invents monkey repellant.

"somewhat better behaved than some people"

A story on St. James and LaDonna Davis, victims of California chimp attack, including a wedding photo which features their chimpanzee (not involved in the attack), who was "a combination of flower-thrower and best man."

(I've previously linked an earlier publication of this article, but without the photo.)

"An estimated 200 million animals"

Experts will be out-numbered by the ignorant when Taiwan considers the fate of animals dumped during religious ceremonies.

"Indiana's oldest zoo"

Tell your friends you visited Potawatomi Zoo and saw chimpanzees and monkeys. You'll get to say "Potawatomi!"

"It's the type of stuff they typically do"

Animal Liberation Front thugs kill plants, make death threats in Pennsylvania.

"all thinking people will be disgusted"

May 28, 1959: Able and Baker, monkeys, become first space flight survivors. Loons protest.

"could have allowed the bird flu virus to mutate"

Vietnam says it won't use monkey kidney cells as growth medium for avian flu vaccine.

"The sweet, pungent smell of a gorilla"

Zoos, seen as a way to conserve species.

Friday, May 27, 2005

"whether BA would have a similar policy on the carriage of live animals for food"

British Airways caves in, bans transport of experimental animals.

"non–human primates colonized Madagascar only once"

All lemurs, extant and extinct, evolved from a single ancestor, hypothesise Yale biologists.

"got away with $3,550 in cash"

Bank of Richmondville, NY robbed by "person" in monkey mask. If you were a monkey intent on larceny, could you think of a better disguise than a monkey mask?

Update: Human after all, it seems.

Update: Arraigned, charged.

"a relief to us all"

Rollie, 9-year-old western lowland gorilla at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, recovered from infection and back on display.

''How can you go from growing beautiful peony flowers to operating a cruel primate facility?''

Pennsylvania monkey kennel delayed.

"She's doing a lot better with this one than with her last"

Lowland gorilla born at Denver Zoo.

"mini monkeys"

"Creatures Beneath the Canopy" to open Saturday at Minnesota Zoo.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sunday, May 22, 2005

"the most expensive monkey house ever built"

What to see at the San Francisco Zoo.

"a feeling of real-world proximity to animals"

The diorama: one writer's favorite form of Natural History Museum display.

"There is no such thing as a typical day"

"Every day is a new adventure" for zoo veterinarians.

Nevermind, false alarm

I thought it said "Gibbon Leads Gubernatorial Race In NV".

"The Chicago Building Congress has given the zoo a merit award"

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, recent victim of persistent bad luck, wins architectural design award.

"Testing the IQ of a sheep may seem laughable"

Who'd benefit most from you being weak and anemic from a deficient diet?

Queen of the Chimps, Jane Goodall, vegetarian, is quoted as saying "We should eat less meat." It strikes me that when a vegetarian says "We should eat less meat" "we" isn't exactly the word.

Oh you poor brute of a killer without a conscience! I'm wet with compassion!

Execution of serial rapist-murderer Michael Ross decried.

"fake wasp nests and phony durian fruit"

New ape enclosures at St. Louis Zoo a big hit with enclosed apes, says reporter.

"We plan to obtain monkeys later this year"

Pig-to-monkey organ transplants next year's black, predicts Korean professor.

"a relatively little-known animal that's only recently gotten a lot of fanfare"

This year's hot new animal: the lemur.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Move over Ward Churchill, you have company"

Dr. Steven Best rambles on and on, explaining why animals he knows are preferred to people he doesn't.

He gives enough clues that I'm happy to welcome Animal Crackers, his nemesis, to the link list, on the right.

"Zoos essentially operate pretty much on their own out there"

Government doesn't oversee minute-to-minute operation of zoos, reveals Associated Press shocker!

"It's a battle of wits between humans and monkeys"

Japan builds monkey-only suspension bridge.

"Oooh-oooh-oooh-oooh, ahhh-ahhh-ahhh-ahhhh"

Jet-setter, queen of the Chimps, Jane Goodall knows what's best for everyone else.

"20 cases of bites are reported every day at the anti-rabies clinic"

December 28, 2003, July 29, 2004, May 21, 2005: bureaucracy is bad for your health.

"You just have to get used to the smell"

Yerkes Primate Center field station in Lawrenceville, GA: my god, it's full of monkeys!

"animals have rights and should not be used by humans for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or any other reason"

Clarksville, Tennessee's Governor's Square Mall bows to PETA loons, now photo-booth operator and his monkey are unemployed.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Acara's mother is still recovering"

Acara, baby orangutan born two weeks ago via cæsarean, on limited display at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

"years after hearing Jane Goodall speak, people strive to do what she has charged them with"

Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall to demonstrate eerie powers in Salt Lake City.

"a deficiency of vitamin D"

Baby gorilla at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo treated for metabolic bone disease.

Lophocebus kipunji

Highland mangabey, said to be previously unknown to science, discovered in Tanzania. Local hunters knew it, though.

"A monkey is on the loose in Tokyo"

Monkey terrorizes Japanese capital.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"We saw monkeys eat their breakfast"

Fifth-graders spend the night at Arizona's Phoenix Zoo.

"The father is a 16-year-old silverback gorilla named Taz"

Kuchi, 20-year-old gorilla at Zoo Atlanta, expecting.

"Evillest little shits to fly"

Hitchcock warned about this.

"Regular zoo admission is needed to enter the birthday bash"

Tennessee's Chattanooga Zoo plans birthday party for Hank the Chimpanzee, 37, on June 4.

Goodbye, Angela

Angela, 23-year-old diabetic chimpanzee, euthanized at Belfast Zoo after massive secondary infection follows leg injury.

"we have registered 11 cases, including nine deaths"

World Health Organization confirms ebola-like disease in Republic of Congo is ebola.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"In many cases species would be lost forever if it were not for zoos"

Binti Jua, boy-friendly gorilla at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, feeds her offspring, born May 2.

"spends 300 days a year lecturing and fundraising around the world"

Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall continues fuzzy-minded one-worlder flying tour of terror, visits Douglass College today, Rutgers tomorrow.

"You are being watched"

Microsoft's Cybersecurity and Systems Management group unveils latest brainstorm: "honeymonkeys". Sticky!

"flagellin and a Yersina pestis antigen"

Vaccine protects mice from plague. Monkey tests next on the agenda.

"monkeys, lions, zebras and snakes"

Sandusky, OH gets a Kalahari Waterpark Resort.

"I'd like to get an orangutan"

NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield wants an ape.

"probably the most popular fruit in the world"

Consider the yummy banana.

The other night we painted posters
We played some records by the Coasters

Via Monkeys In The News, PETA loons on parade, at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

"PETA US Files 253-Page Complaint With the USDA"

Shorter version: Don't volunteer for work as an animal-testing monkey!

"COBOL is like an invisible giant"

or an 800-pound gorilla, says COBOL vendor Micro Focus International Ltd.

"No one has ever complained"

Complaints made about no-longer-hanging giant stuffed monkey in Cobb County, GA.

"the Monkey God's Army"

Slate searches for, finds violent anti-Muslim Hindus.

"stump the scholar"

How are chimpanzees so darned strong?

"it is denied that this particular chimp was a wild animal"

November trial scheduled in Arkansas chimp attack lawsuit.

Monday, May 16, 2005

"studies have shown reduced consumption among alcohol-swilling monkeys"

Huh. Kudzu may be good for something, after all. Of course, heroin was going to solve the morphine addiction problem, so...

supporting our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

The good folks at Operation AC have a new site.

Laonastes aenigmamus: tastes like chicken

Rodent (of usual size) unknown to science discovered in Asian market.

"multiple simian viruses had crossed over from primates"

Two new retroviruses discovered infecting central African bushmeat fanciers.

"without saying what the message was he was trying to send"

Enigmatic giant monkey removed in Cobb County, GA.

"to amputate the arm of a small ape"

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo keeps shining up its reputation.

"What makes a lion a lion?"

In the aftermath of recent animal deaths at Lincoln Park Zoo, philostopher at DePaul University questions whether to have zoos.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

"I'm still coming back"

Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall speaks at combined commencement of Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

"I don't want anyone to make a profit on something we can't live without"

Connecticut's Danbury News Times is all over Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall.

"don’t show any fear and bring snacks"

Behind the scenes with the zookeeper.

"Why should we wait?"

Fauna and Flora Indonesia, a London-based conservation group who all have nice houses to sleep in, has panties bunched because tsunami relief construction may be using illegal wood.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"called for them to be reclassified as Homo paniscus"

Researchers at Iowa's Great Ape Trust will be watching, always watching.

Update: and the last three bonobos have arrived.

"It was a bummer. We all felt bad"

Second squirrel monkey dies at Hawaii's Panaewa Rainforest Zoo following January rescue from the Blue Tropix nightclub.

"The Lincoln Park Zoo should be renamed the Lincoln Park Morgue"

Innumerate PETA loons to gather in Chicago.

"ethically controversial"

German scientists and horrible political/medical experiments. Who'da thunk?

"Mustafa is twice as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Like Born Free, but with orangutans.

"as tough as a monkey"

6-year-old Oregonian girl survives youthful driving experiment. The car, not so much.

Friday, May 13, 2005

"I think the public is going to want to know"

Chicago politician piles on in animal deaths at Lincoln Park Zoo.

"mangoes for monkeys"

India's Arinagar Anna Zoological Park fights the annual heat wave with a special summer diet.

"three other langur monkeys died unexpectedly this week"

Quarantine for one surviving langur at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

"It's got a camera to help you locate a chimp"

Saint Louis Zoo opens "Fragile Forest" — new chimpanzee exhibit.

"strong suspicions among zoo experts that the deaths are connected to a change of exhibit"

Three Francois langur monkeys dead in one week at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

Update: American Zoo and Aquarium Association turns up the heat.

"Zamora suddenly tried to stab the victim's monkey"

Construction worker in the Philippines murdered while defending his pet monkey.

"They haven't shown themselves to be reliable"

Honolulu City Council again delays construction of new enclosure for Rusti the orangutan.

"They touched a monkey they found dead in the forest and then ate it"

Eight deaths in Congo from something Ebola-like.

"Any move to capture it may have been risky"

South African baboon shooting causes controversy.

"it's a cliff combined with a forest"

13-year old South African boy "stable" after 100-metre fall sustained while chasing monkey.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"It somewhat renders obsolete our efforts to regenerate the forest"

Macaques that kill cedars victims, says Professor Andrea Camperio, who blames "increasingly sedentary" sheep and goat herders, who are neither victims nor tenured.

Goodbye, Sam

Sam, 57-year-old chimpanzee at Sacramento Zoo, euthanized, presumably for congestive heart failure, arthritis and colitis. Necropsy to follow.

"Duna bay law prohibiting anyone to keep a monkey for his pet?"

Monkey seized or stolen in the Phillipines.

"enjoyed little critical success"

Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers to auction paintings by Congo the chimpanzee. Congo's whereabouts uncertain.

"win a family day out at the attraction and a chance to meet the lemurs"

Name the lemurs contest in UK's North Devon Gazette & Advertiser.

"the escaped monkeys are not dangerous"

Despite earlier reports putting their number at six, according to this story, 11 monkeys are on the loose in Louisiana.

Obsolete AP story, I think. This local report says 48 captured, five being sought.

"The baby only needs a little each day"

China's Chongqing city zoo seeks wet-nurse for baby macaque.

"a young monkey who didn't follow the rules"

Peter Caron, owner of Florida's Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, dead at 66.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Squirrel monkey baby deaths are normal in nature as well as in zoos"

Veterinarian charges inadequate care at Arizona's Phoenix Zoo. Rebuttal is offered.

Update: more

"a caretaker failed to properly secure a cage"

47 pigtail macaques, escaped from Tulane Primate Center in Covington, LA, recaptured. Six still on the loose!

Update: missing six believed to have taken to the trees, where a monkey has all the advantages.

"the overriding issue is how best to save the endangered Lowland gorilla"

South Africa in no hurry to abandon "Taiping Four" gorillas to unstable Cameroon.

"The program is free and open to the public on a first-come, first-seated basis"

Former Hollywood Square "Jungle" Jack Hanna to perform in Sturgis, MI area.

"This worm is no laughing matter"

Wurmark-K, email worm, displays picture of Snowflake, albino gorilla late of Barcelona Zoo, while it goes about its business.

"Primates are used primarily as models of human diseases"

Austria considers banning medical experiments on great apes, which they don't do anyway, content to benefit from the work of others.

"the girl and her father noticed a woman holding a monkey on a leash"

West Virginia girl reportedly bitten by monkey or monkeys unknown.

"Mom is a bit skeptical about whether the baby is hers"

Utah's Hogle Zoo surrogate mothering Sunday's Caesarean-born orangutan.

"$500-per-person dinner"

Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall goes to Utah.

Monday, May 09, 2005

"the world's most intelligent and studied great ape"

Bonobos pile up, so to speak, at Iowa's Great Ape Trust.

"inhabited by vervet monkeys, bush pigs and baboons, which disturb farmers"

Control of Uganda bushmeat trade proceeding poorly.

"Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries"

New Zealand seizes 6-year old boy's illegally-imported "sea monkey" science project.

Down With Bipedalism!

Kansas evolution foes demand school board adopt "back to the trees" policy.

"a baby monkey trying to suckle milk from the breast of its dead mother"

Indian environmentalist sees turf-war between monkeys, mafia.

"There were a variety of races in there"

Jacksonville, FL's Robert E. Lee High School replaces year book photos of teachers with cartoons of monkeys.

"tranquilise, sterilise, band and release"

Indian Forest Department demands that National Defence Academy consider root causes, ask themselves "why do monkeys menace us?"

No monkey content

In Connecticut bird news:

Thaao, Andean condor at Bridgeport's Beardsley Zoo, turns 75.

Audubon Connecticut executive director Tom Baptist says Canada goose droppings never hurt anyone.

"they do not care about the public"

Unholy alliance of insurance salesmen, California legislators, and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to mandate liability insurance for animal sanctuaries.

"The baby was too big for her"

Orangutan delivered by Ceasarean section at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

Friday, May 06, 2005

"a 25-year-old, male bonobo"

Day by day, Iowa bonobo count increases.

"I'm at a loss at how it got over there"

Via Monkeys In The News, furtive escape attempt by future test subject from South Carolina's Morgan Island fails. Accomplices escape.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

"at Battell Chapel"

Queen of the Chimps Jane Goodall comes to Connecticut.

"who carried a boy to safety after he fell into the apes' habitat in 1996"

Boy-friendly gorilla gives birth at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo.

"try copying everything it does"

How to annoy a monkey.

"Zoo residents won’t know what to think"

Humans to compete for the amusement of monkeys at Florida's Miami MetroZoo in Iron Ape Triathlon.

Scotch News

The Man won't let you see it for free, but from the précis on Google News, William Grant has released a new vatted malt, "Monkey Shoulder".

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