Friday, August 25, 2006

“a young female human-bonobo chimpanzee hybrid”

Since Fitzween was a bust, truthout turns to stranger fantasies.

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  1. who is to say that the chimpanzee isn't a primate human hybrid and that a bonobo isn't a chimpanzee human hybrid and that there aren't already bonobo human hybrids?

    The Chinese (PRC) claim to be the descendants of Homo erectus pekinensis aka Peking Man 北京猿人 and not And, that Europeans are the descendants are the direct of the Neanderthal rather than all humans being homo sapien sapien as is commonly accepted in the West.

    Supposedly recent legitimate DNA tracking has supposedly shown the Neanderthal not to have been out competed by homo sapien as was previously accepted but to have be absorbed into the European homo sapien line.

    But then again there are those "conspiracy theorist," nut jobs who feel hominid evolution to be the result of "alien" genetic interference/manipulation of the primate population...

    As for me? I have read of humans on line who feel their sexual relationships with porpoises to be normal and mutually meaningful and not somehow "weird."

    As for me? All this conjecture is the fodder of the ignorant... Curious? Then do the research and find facts rather than hearsay and conjecture, human-_________ (fill in the blank) hybridization is highly unlikely, we can't even accept the minor variations within our own species. Or at least we are extremely xenophobic bigots, most of the time.